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More Expensive Toll in Germany from 2023

The German federal government has agreed on the basis of an action programme to achieve its climate protection targets by 2030. Some of the actions of the Climate Protection Programme 2030 will also cover the transport sector.

The federal government will support the purchase of trucks equipped with alternative, environmentally friendly propulsion systems, including hydrogen technologies, and promote the development of the tailor-made tank and charging infrastructure.

One of the most important changes from the point of view of the transport industry will be adding to the 3 components of the truck toll, another one for CO2 emissions.

The new road toll component will be introduced in 2023.

The draft version of the programme refers to €200 per tonne of CO2.

The charge would be €0.60 per litre of diesel or €0.17 per kilometre at 30 litres/100 km.

The new toll component would, therefore, be equivalent to a litre of diesel with a 60-cent surcharge or, at 30 litres/100 km, a 17-cent surcharge per kilometre, reports the transport portal

To implement these changes, the Transport Minister wants to take advantage of the German Presidency of the EU Council in the second half of 2020 to carry out the necessary reform of the Road Toll Directive.


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