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New international horizons, New Economy, continuous evolution, different conditions and practices from country to country.

A team of experts, consisting of analysts and industry consultants, defines the best options to make the client's warehouse, shipping, and logistics process more efficient, thereby always starting from the current performance.

The fundamental goal is to be a supporting partner in the daily management of all logistic aspects, such as transportation, warehousing, development of IT processess.

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  • Review of technical documents

  • International transportation processes and management

  • Analysis of the correct Terms of Delivery (INCOTERMS® 2010) to be applied in purchase/sale contracts, identifying risk/cost passage and customs fulfillments

  • Choice of insurance of transported goods


  • Processes and strategies for customs

  • Analysis and management of customs aspects

  • Preferential and non-preferential origin of the goods

  • Foreign country's regulations on trucking of third party goods


  • Step 1: Understanding needs

To obtain a complete overview of the service to be built around the customer, through the acquisition of technical and management data, which provides insight into your logistics apparatus


  • Step 2: Audit with management to define the desired business objectives

With logistics staff: to understand operational flows, movements and critical issues within logistics and shipping.

With IT staff: to understand the IT software, its interface level and the presented logistics flow


  • Step 3: Preparation of qualitative report

with description of the client's plant, considerations regarding the IT systems used, existing warehouses, goods handling flows, and critical issues detected.

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