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Based on your individual needs, we study management plans capable of governing the logistical flow, increasing distribution efficiency and reducing variable costs including cost control of material handling and containment of goods management costs.

In addition, to integrate the different business processes we develop ERP management systems that integrate all operations of Logistics, Warehousing and Freight Transport.


Storage of raw material stocks

Storage of stocks of finished products

Picking management

Management of deliveries

Reverse logistics

Inventario di magazzino


We have a complex of warehouses with a total area of 8,000 m²; furnished with industrial shelving of different types and equipped with overhead crane.

We offer customized and specific storage solutions, available for customers with small and large volumes of goods.

Our Equipments allow the use of available space maximized to the fullest possible extent and is the ideal solution for the storage of homogeneous products.

Lavoratore di magazzino con walkie talkie

Our warehouse is available to receive your goods

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