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Track & Trace
We have available a Track & Trace service based on an internationally recognized ERP that allows tracking of vehicles, loading units, shipments, and individual products throughout the whole supply chain, from supplier to buyer.  
The Track & Trace system is also used as a vehicle tracking system. In this case, it is a system in contact with all vehicles   via GPS.

This makes it possible to monitor the geographic location of all vehicles in real time and thus predict when a load will arrive at its destination.
In addition, our software includes more functions than just location tracking:

  • Support for vehicle maintenance

  • Management of driving behavior and fuel consumption

  • Profitability planning

  • Communicate directly with drivers

  • Change the schedule when necessary

  • Inform clients of expected arrival time


Tel: +39 039 532 1318

P.IVA:  IT 01197300138

Albo Autotr. c/terzi: CO 1452007X

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