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IRU President about Euro 7:

IRU President Radu Dinescu said,

“The road sector has already undertaken enormous efforts to significantly reduce its environmental footprint while ensuring business sustainability and continuity.

“The leading organisations in the sector have come together today to restate their firm commitment to effectively reducing CO2 emissions to net-zero by 2050, in line with the Paris Agreement.”

“Now is the time to act with pragmatism, ensure a just transition, and embrace innovation,” he added.

The industry is committed and ready to do its part. But it cannot do it alone. The organisations call on all parties to take action now and create a conducive environment for the road sector to deliver on the Paris Agreement.

The joint statement sits alongside IRU’s Green Compact, an initiative which maps collective action from industry and government on new technology and infrastructure, operational practices, and better collective transport to achieve carbon neutrality in commercial road transport services by 2050.


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