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Hydra Energy is developing retrofit training program

Hydra Energy has announced it is developing a retrofit training program for technicians, so they can quickly convert Class 8 diesel trucks into dual-fuel vehicles that run off both diesel and hydrogen.

The company is working with Western Canadian dealership First Truck Centre on the training program, tapping into funds it received from an Alberta Innovates Hydrogen Centre of Excellence grant.

“The grant from the Hydrogen Centre of Excellence has been instrumental for Hydra Energy. It has enabled us to showcase our technology, train technicians, and collaborate with key players in the Alberta trucking industry, fostering widespread adoption,” the company said in a release.

“The Centre plays a vital role in advancing Alberta’s hydrogen economy by supporting the entire value chain and bridging innovation gaps.

It serves as a connecting forum for researchers, academics, innovators, industry, and government, helping Alberta achieve its hydrogen ambitions and become a global leader in hydrogen utilization.”

The recent conversion will be driven to Edmonton where it will be showcased to First Truck Centre employees.

“Energy Transition in Canada is going to be guided by creative solution providers like Hydra,” said Rod Graham, president and CEO, First Truck Centre.

First Truck Centre plans to add four technicians to manage the retrofits, and Hydra says it will also train half a dozen students over the next two years.


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