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We offer Express Courier services upon request.

Did you know that the terminology is based on that used in English, namely express courier (=courier)? It derives from Pony Express, the mail delivery service of the Far West.


Express transportation or express service or courier express means a transportation service, domestic or international, carried out in "quick"/"expedited" time.

Speed is the indispensable condition of our express transportation.


The terms "rapid" and "fast" are to be related to:  

  • the distance traveled        

  • the roads and territory where the delivery takes place 

  • the technological support used

  • the vehicles used for delivery  


Let's look in detail at what our offer entails:

  • Our vans are in operation 24 hours a day; only in this way can timely delivery be ensured 

  • The goods arrive at the place of departure ( storage hub, warehouse branch) are weighed and measured

  • All shipments are taken care of by filling out the borderau

  • Rounds and loads are entrusted to individual drivers who will then carry out deliveries within 24h


Tel: +39 039 532 1318

P.IVA:  IT 01197300138

Albo Autotr. c/terzi: CO 1452007X

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